Chop-Chop-Zig-Zag Woyzeck

In a swirl of non-stop non-linear action, this new take on Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck sets a fresh translation in today’s Lower East Side, NYC. Taking its cue from the cuts, razors, and knives in the text and the lack of a distinct scene order for this unfinished play, the audience determines the sequence of the […]

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Physical theater meets canonical text meets pick-up basketball game meets 1980s music videos. Part sporting event, part dance party, part bloody tragedy, PENTHESILEAS questions what we know of the Amazon queen Penthesilea and raging warrior Achilles as they face off on a wild hunt for victory on the battlefield of love. The text combines the […]

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The Wrath of Juno

Echo the nymph and the blind seer Tiresias are at the center of The Wrath of Juno. Infused with 1990s and early 2000s pop culture, this reimagining of Ovid’s Metamorphoses transforms the gods Juno and Jove into June and Joe, despicable McMansion dwellers with their own MTV special. When Echo’s voice is stolen away from […]

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