The Astronomical Horse draws in its audience with highly-theatrical work that challenges, surprises, and entertains.


The Astronomical Horse is a curiosity, a mysterious attraction behind a curtain. The audience doesn’t quite know what to expect. They can expect to be entertained.

Named after the sideshow in Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck, The Astronomical Horse creates highly-theatrical work that challenges, surprises, and entertains. It sees the stage as a space of condensed signification on which a question can be posed or a text examined in silly and serious ways.

Our thoughts on a project start with a close reading of a text. Our rehearsals start with movement. Our work seeks to capture the immediacy, dynamism, and accessibility of a vaudeville act or an Arnold Boecklin painting of splashing mermaids. Our audience is invited to watch, to play, and to think.

In Buechner’s drama, the tortured Woyzeck and his Marie are convinced by a carnival barker to go see the so-called astronomical horse, an animal that not only has the ability to count and tell time but is also a member of all of the learned societies and a professor at the university. Naming ourselves after this horse is both tongue-in-cheek self-degradation and high-bar-setting ambition. For what is more entertaining than a sideshow? And what is more challenging than to bring the astronomical into the limitations of the stage?

Come see The Astronomical Horse. We’re full of surprises.


Leanora Lange (Artistic Director) is a director, theater maker, and archivist. Credits include Chop-Chop-Zig-Zag-Woyzeck (Director and adapter, FringeNYC)/Lower East Side Woyzeck (Dixon Place, Bowery Poetry), The Wrath of Juno (Dixon Place), South Street Annie (Assistant director, New Georges and New York Theater Workshop), and Survival Skills (Director, winner of the 2013 New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest at 13th Street Rep). Artistic training includes BA in Theater and German, SITI Company (Suzuki/Viewpoints Training, Speaking & Composition Intensive), Theater of the Oppressed New York City (Level 1), graduate courses in directing and theater theory at the City University of New York, and assisting at the Berliner Ensemble. Current artistic resume